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Student Visa

Student Visa

Student Visa is a legitimate way to study abroad and it not only gives you a chance to study in the most prestigious institutes around the world but also enhances your future prospects. The most common question that comes in the minds of Pakistani students is How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Getting Student visa from Pakistan is not tough but you have to fulfill certain criteria for this purpose. If you are one of the aspiring students who is longing to go abroad for higher studies, you should know the benefits of a student Visa with reference to numerous study destinations.

Following are the advantages of Study Visa.

Advanced study programs

Once you know How to get study visa from Pakistan it would not be difficult to seek the study visa of a particular country. So, go get your Student visa from Pakistan and live your dreams. Through a valid Study Visa, you can get yourself enrolled in renowned institutions, offering advanced study programs.

Talking about study programs, the choice is not limited and you can choose the best combination of subjects that suits you career planning. The teaching methodology and researched based tutorials will help you to experience a perfect way of learning.

After knowing this particular benefit of studying abroad, you may start thinking that How to get study visa from Pakistan. What you need to do is fulfill all the necessary requirements for obtaining a Student visa from Pakistan. For this purpose, you can get the required assistance from the immigration experts operating in your area.

Better Career Opportunities

Studying abroad is a viable way to seek quality education and it also serves as the best option to enhance your career opportunities. There are endless possibilities for the foreign student and you can manage to join your desired career. This is one of the major advantages, which you can avail while studying abroad. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your Student visa from Pakistan and start studying in the famous institutes of the world.

Earn while studying

While studying abroad, it is possible to work for specific hours throughout the week. Apart from this, students are free to work full-time and earn handsome amount during weekends. So, student visa also confers upon you the right to work and earn while studying in most of the developed countries. To know How to get study visa from Pakistan, just pay a visit to a visa consultancy in your area.

A Pathway to Get Permanent Residence

It is possible to obtain a permanent residence of a country where you have studied for a particular period. This is one of the most desired benefits of a Student Visa. However, in order to gain permanent residence, the student must complete the course of study. If you are applying for the Student visa from Pakistan, make sure to know the visa criteria of the desired country. As far as the application procedure is concerned, get in touch with an immigration expert to know How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Salient Features of Australian student Visa (Subclass 500)

This particular visa subclass allows you to stay in Australia and study full-time in a renowned educational institute. You can apply for this Student visa from Pakistan or any other country by following eligibility criteria given below.

Eligibility Criteria

To know how to get study visa from Pakistan or any other country, please read the eligibility section carefully.

The student must seek a letter of acceptance from the relevant educational institution in Australia
The minimum age limit for this category of Australian student Visa is 6 years
Possesses a valid proof of health insurance
Length of stay

The student after getting study visa for Australia may live and study in Australia for next five years.

Processing Fee and Cost

The processing fee for this visa starts from AUD 560.

Who is Eligible for this Visa

Prior to applying for this Visa it is advised to go through the information regarding eligibility criteria.

The applicant under 18 years of age must show proof regarding sufficient funds to ensure appropriate living and study related arrangements during his/her stay in Australia
Received an acceptance letter to study full-time in any of the recognized educational institution situated in Australia
Genuine Temporary Entrant

If you wonder How to get study visa from Pakistan read the general guidelines about the visa requirements. The requirements regarding GTE apply to all the Australian student Visa applicants including the applications for a Student visa from Pakistan. The visa officer analyzes the application as well as the individual circumstances of each student. This is done to ascertain that whether the student is intended to stay in Australia for a temporary period. You need to satisfy such officer with reference to the genuineness of your case and that your intention is to stay in Australia only for a temporary duration.

Requirements Pertaining to the English Language

The students applying for Australian student Visa from the countries where English is treated as a second language, it is necessary to provide the proof of their English language skills. If you fail to submit such evidence with your application, you will get your visa refused at the initial stage.

Financial Capacity Requirements

You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia and bear the relevant cost of travel and course fees. It means that you need to provide valid proof that you possess enough money and can easily bear all the expenses.

Evidence of financial capacity

If you are applying for Australian student Visa, following documents may serve to prove your financial capacity.

“Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) Form” This document is applicable for secondary exchange students)
A document, which proves that you fulfill the Annual Income Requirement
Proof or evidence of sufficient funds, showing that you can bear the travel, one-year living and course fee costs. This rule also applies to all study visa application including Student visa from Pakistan.
The cost may also include the expenses of people accompanying the student holding Australian student Visa
Character requirements

The applicants who want to seek Australian visa should bear a good character. This fact will be analyzed with reference to the relevant character requirements. You are bound to answer the character related questions, which are included in each visa application form. The visa officer will vigilantly assess the information provided by you.

Health requirements

You need to fulfill the health requirements. Moreover, you may be asked to seek health examination certificate. This process may take a couple of weeks and with a view to avoiding further delay, it is appropriate to undergo a health examination before you apply for Australian student Visa. Pakistani students can also apply for this visa by just following the procedures mentioned in the section How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Family Members Applying To Join You

It is possible that you and your family members make a combined application. Apart from this, the family members can file a visa application to join you later. However, it would be possible only if you have declared them in your student visa application. The fact that a person became your family member after you have filed your application is considered as an exception i.e newborn baby.

You must possess enough funds to bear your living cost and that of your accompanying family members.

Visa conditions

Person applying for Australian student Visa must go through the visa conditions available in Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)
You, as a visa holder, must abide by the visa conditions or you must face the cancellation of your visa
The visa conditions for you and your family are slightly different
You are bound to abide by the laws and rules of the state or territories of Australia

How to Extend your Stay in Australia

In order to seek an extension of your stay in Australia, you may either file a new Australian student Visa application or leave Australia before your visa expires. You can get your visa extended only if you don’t fall under the ‘No Further Stay’ category (8534 or 8535). Moreover, it is not possible to get an extension if this right is waived with reference to your existing student visa. If you are applying from Pakistan, Just read carefully all the rules as How to get study visa from Pakistan in the relevant section.

Following are the main reasons, which you can use for obtaining an extension of your stay in Australia. The applications for a Student visa from Pakistan are also under the ambit of these rules.

  • Migration
  • A holiday
  • Graduation
  • A holiday
  • Further study
  • Work

Application Procedure for Family Members to Join a Student Visa Holder

The family members of Australian student Visa holder are eligible to join you in Australia once they get a subsequent entrant visa. It is necessary to declare such family members at the time of submitting the student visa from Pakistanor any other country. Moreover, the family members can accompany you to Australia once they are included in the primary visa application.

It is advised to declare all family members while filing your student visa application. It is essential to include all the credentials of your family members even If they do not intend to visit Australia in future. In case you fail to provide required data of each family member, they would not stand eligible to visit Australia at later date. Such a student must file a new student visa after including his/her family members and explain the reason why he/she failed to include them in an earlier application for Australian student Visa. Those who want to know How to get study visa from Pakistan should read all the information given below.

Essential Documents 

Your family members, who are applying as a subsequent entrant to join you in Australia must provide following documents and credentials while filling an online application. The applicants who are applying for a student visa from Pakistan must also require submitting following documents.

  • Copy of Student’s main passport page who is applying for Australian student Visa
  • Provide a valid proof (official birth certificate or any other relevant document) regarding the relationship of student to each family members
  • Documents showing the identity of each member (passport, national Hoko book or ID card certified copy of birth certificate
  • Financial capacity proof of the student as well as that of his/her family members
  • Proof or relevant evidence from the educational institute where you are studying
  • Health insurance evidence of each member and their dependants
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds to bear one-year living and tuition costs. It also includes the travel cost for the student and the family members after getting Australian student Visa. If a school-aged child is also accompanying with you, proof of sufficient funds for his/her tuition fee for the first 12 months must also be provided.
  • School enrollment documents for school-aged dependants
  • Proof or evidence showing AUD 70,000 annual income
  • School enrollment documents for school-aged dependants

The subsequent entrants should provide all other documents required for a genuine temporary entrant such as health and character requirements. Moreover, they must provide other essential documents as and when required by the authorities. The above-mentioned information is essential to know How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Canadian student Visa

Prepare to Study in Canada

Get all the information as for how to apply for Canadian student Visa and what to study. Find the extensive list of schools in Canada and know How to get study visa from Pakistan. These school and colleges assist students, who are willing to apply for a Student visa from Pakistan.

How to Select a Program and School

Each territory and province in Canada possess and controls its respective education system. The respective education departments and ministries are responsible for delivering necessary information regarding education system in their areas. The international students can avail required information about study program, education in Canada and study costs by consulting Edu-Canada.

Designated Learning Institutions

The designated learning institutes (DLI) are those schools or colleges, which are designated by the territories and provinces. It allows them to enroll international students as per the rules and regulations formulated by such territories and provinces. You must get an acceptance letter from a DLI in order to obtain a valid study permit or Canadian student Visa. Failing to do so may result in refusal of your application.

How to apply to a School, College or University

After you have selected a school, college or university, it’s time to apply for the admission and obtain a letter of acceptance. While applying, you must keep these things in your mind.

It is advised to apply at least six months before the course of study for primary or secondary school starts. Apart from this, for the post-secondary program at a college or university, you need to apply one year earlier. Those, who applied for a Student visa from Pakistan, must also keep this fact in mind.

Before obtaining Canadian student Visa Keep in touch with the school where you are willing to study and ask them about their relevant application procedure. Obtain each and every information including:

  • How to get study visa from Pakistan or any other country
  • Total payable tuition fee
  • Application cost
  • Living expenses in Canada
  • How much a health insurance may cost
  • Language proficiency tests

The application forms are available online, so you have to fill them in accordance with the instructions. After depositing the tuition fee, the school or college may accept your application or refuse it. In the case of acceptance, you will receive an acceptance letter whereas in the case of rejection your fee will be refunded. However, each institute has its own refund policy, hence you must go through such policy of your preferred institute.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is necessary to get Canadian student Visa. The Canadian government will not pay for your medical cost. The health coverage for foreign students varies according to the area where they live. It is necessary to contact your school authorities for further information regarding health insurance.

Obtain a Study Permit

Before applying for a study permit, make sure whether you need one. If you need a study permit, get all the information as for how to apply and what documents you must have. Students willing to get Student visa from Pakistan must also find out their status.

Study Permit

The study permit is a document issued by the Canadian government to foreign students. It allows them to study at any of the designated learning institutions (DLI). Find out How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Note: Study permit does not serve the purpose of a visa.

The important facts that you should keep in mind while studying in Canada through a study permit or Canadian student Visa are as under:

  • Abide by the conditions mentioned on the study permit
  • Try to complete your study program within given time span
  • Have to quit your study if you failed to meet the requirements
  • Keep yourself enrolled at a DLI
  • Must leave Canada once the permit expires

The conditions of a study permit may vary depending on the case of each student. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • The date when your study permit expires
  • Whether you can work in Canada or not
  • Whether you have permission to travel within Canada(How to get study visa from Pakistan)
  • What program or level of studies you may attend after getting Canadian student Visa

Validity Period of a Canadian Study Permit

The validity of a study permit depends on the actual time required for the study program. You may be allowed to remain in Canada for extra 90 days after the expiry of the study permit. This validity also applies to the Student visa from Pakistan. This makes it possible to apply for an extension or prepare yourself for leaving Canada. If your study ends before the validity of the permit, you will not get the advantage of extra 90 days.

Is it possible for you to Leave Canada while studying?

During summer or winter holidays, you can leave Canada. However, at the time you return, it is obligatory for you to show a valid proof of enrollment in a DLI, which proves the validity of Canadian student Visa. Following are some other documents, which can serve you as a valid proof to re-enter in Canada.

  • Valid travel document like visa
  • Electronic travel authorization (eTA)

When you don’t Require a Study Permit

You don’t need a study permit under following circumstances.

  • When you plan to study in a shorter program look for proper information as How to get study visa from Pakistan
  • The study program or course you have been enrolled in it for 6 months or less

Foreign Representative’s staff or Family

The family members or staff of a foreign representative don’t need a study permit. The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) should accredit such a representative. Your embassy may contact GAC to know whether you require a study permit or Canadian student Visa.

People Associated with Foreign Armed Forces

You don’t require a study permit in case you are serving in a foreign armed force, which is deputed in Canada. However, the dependents including children may require one to study in Canada.

Foreign Citizens having Indian Status

The foreign citizens having an Indian status may study in Canada without a study permit. You cannot apply for a Student visa from Pakistan under this category.

Minor children

Minor children need not to acquire a study permit under following circumstances.

  • If they are refugee claimants or refugees
  • If they are in kindergarten
  • If their parents are refugee claimants or refugees
  • If their parent hold a work or Canadian student Visa

Why it is Essential to Obtain a Study Permit Even if you don’t Need One

You can apply for a study permit even if you are exempted. You will stand eligible to get a study permit if you are enrolled at a DLI. However, you need to submit a letter of explanation with your application, which suggests that why you need a study permit. Know How to get study visa from Pakistan by reading this information.

Following are the reasons, which you may provide while applying for a study permit.

  • It is possible for you to continue your studies by obtaining a study visa during the renewal of expired Canadian student Visa or study permit. This is known as an implied status
  • In case you don’t get a study permit you can obtain one while living in Canada. Nevertheless, you must get a study permit to carry on with your studies

Eligibility to Work Part-Time

You may also earn while working part-time during the continuity of your study course. This relaxation is available only to the full-time students who are registered at a college or university. The holder of a Student visa from Pakistan can also work part-time during the study.

Obtain a study permit – The Application Procedure

You need following documents to apply for a Canadian study permit:

  • A valid travel document or passport
  • Must have an acceptance letter DLI

Besides this, you must prove your eligibility for Canadian student Visa in the following manner.

  • You have sufficient funds to bear the tuition fees, travel, and living expenses
  • You are a law-abiding citizen
  • There is no criminal record against you
  • You are a healthy person (Need to undergo a medical exam for this purpose)
  • You are intended to leave Canada after completing your studies

How to get study visa from Pakistan or any other Country

During normal circumstances, you should apply for a study permit in order to study in Canada. before you come to Canada. Whereas, there are few students who may get a Canadian student Visa while living in Canada.

Applying for a Study Permit within Canada

If you fall within the categories mentioned below, you can apply for a study permit while residing in Canada. This also applies to the Student visa from Pakistan.

  • A person holding temporary resident permit (TRP) with six months validity
  • Visiting or exchange student
  • A minor child studying in primary or secondary school
  • A student after completion of a short-term study program or course
  • Eligible applicant for permanent residence
  • Sponsored spouse or common-law partner and their family members
  • Family members of athletes associated with Canadian-based team, members of the clergy, media representatives or military personnel assigned to Canada
  • A foreign national with a valid Canadian student Visa or work permit who is willing to reside in Canada for longer study program
  • Need an extension to stay in Canada as a student
  • The private staff members or family members of a properly accredited foreign representative

How to get Study Visa from Pakistan or outside Canada

People who don’t fall under the above-mentioned categories must apply for the study permit from outside Canada. You can send online or paper application from the country of your residence.

The visa or eTA if required, will be issued automatically at the time of issuance of a study permit. Hence, there is no need to apply for the Canadian student Visa or eTA separately.

How to Apply Online

You must have access to following articles at the time of submitting an online application. Students applying for a Student visa from Pakistan may also use online application service.

  • Valid credit card for the payment of processing fee
  • Access to the internet and scanner for uploading soft copies of the documents

After submitting your application, you may have to provide following documents:

  • Medical information-Generally, you require a medical examination. You can obtain all the information or instructions regarding such an examination from the concerned visa officer
  • Security information-Normally, a police certificate is required from the police station of your area, which suggests that there had been no criminal proceedings against you in the past. This certificate is necessary for seeking Canadian student Visa.

Obtain a Study Permit – How to get study visa from Pakistan and What you Should do After Submitting your Application

Check the Status of your application

The actual processing times may vary with the country from where you have applied.

The visa office analyzes your application to find out whether:

  • It is completed in a correct manner and
  • All the necessary documents are attached with it

You must update your application in case the postal address or any other contact information is changed.

What if the Application is Approved?

Once the application for Canadian student Visa is approved, the Canadian immigration will inform you in the following manner.

  • You will receive a letter of introduction to confirm, which is necessary for your entrance in Canada. You need this letter at the time of arrival at Canada by exhibiting it to the immigration official. Students holding a Student visa from Pakistan must also follow this procedure. This information will help you to ascertain How to get study visa from Pakistan
  • You may receive a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which you can use to enter Canada

If you belong to a country where an ETA is necessary, the information about your ETA will be mentioned on the letter of introduction. Moreover, the eTA is also linked to your passport. You must travel with a passport, which is valid. You have to leave Canada once the Canadian student Visa or study permit expires.

If you require a visa, it will be pasted on your passport after your application is approved. You should enter Canada before it expires. The visa may either be multiple entries or single entry as per your requirement mentioned in the visa application.

What if the Visa Application is Refused?

The Canadian immigration office will send you a letter, which explains reasons for a refusal. You must first know How to get study visa from Pakistan. The reasons for refusal may include:

  • You have failed to show the proof that you possess sufficient money to bear all your expenses while residing in Canada
  • Could not produce a medical certificate
  • Failed to convince a visa officer that you are coming to Canada for study purpose
  • Failed to convince that you would not over stay after the expiration of Canadian student Visa. You have to prove this fact while applying for a Student visa from Pakistan.

When Study Permit Expires

It may happen that your study permit expires while the extension decision is still pending. In this scenario, you own a status of the temporary resident.

It is also referred as implied status and this will allow you to reside in Canada until your application for extension is finalized. In addition, you can leave and return to Canada during the pendency of study permit extension.

Obtain a Study Permit – Prepare For Your Arrival

After your arrival in Canada, the immigration officer will ask few questions and scrutinize your travel documents such as passport and Canadian student Visa. This is done to make sure that you fulfill the criteria to enter Canada. For this purpose, make sure to get all the information as How to get study visa from Pakistan. Apart from this, you must also convince the officer that you will leave Canada after the expiry of a study permit.

The documents, which you must show at the time of arrival, include:

  • The letter of introduction of confirmation
  • Valid travel documents like ETA or passport
  • Copy of acceptance letter issued by school or college
  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Proof of sufficient money with you

These rules apply for those applying for a Student visa from Pakistan.

How to Change Your Program or School

Prior to changing your program or school, it is necessary to meet the following conditions of the study permit or Canadian student Visa.

  • Enrollment at a DLI (designated learning institution)
  • Studying as a full-time student in Canada

Following are the students who need to contact the Canadian immigration department for changing their program of school:

  • Post-secondary student
  • High school student moving to a post-secondary school
  • Want to join a high school after finishing primary school

The students, who don’t need to contact the Canadian immigration department for changing their program or school, are as under.

  • Changing their study program while studying at the same school
  • Changing their schools but studying at the same level, for instance, Primary to Primary.
  • Had applied before June 1, 2014, for a Canadian student Visa/study permit, and are studying under the same permit till date
  • Temporary visitor studying in a short course (six months or less)

Before applying, make sure to know How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Changing the Education Level

While changing your school from primary to high school or from high school to a post-secondary school, you need to apply for making certain changes in your study permit.

How Students Studying in a Post-Secondary May Change Their Schools

You can change post-secondary schools if the school you are going to join is also a DLI. Those students, who have applied for Canadian Student visa from Pakistan, may also change their school.

Work while Studying in Canada

Students living in Canada under Canadian student Visa can work for specified hours during their course or program of study. However, you must know all the conditions for doing so. For instance;

  • How to get a work permit for your spouse or common-law partner
  • How to stay permanently or work temporarily in Canada after graduation

Work On-Campus

You can work without seeking a work permit while studying in Canada under these circumstances:

  • Studying as a full-time post-secondary student at a college, university, or CEGEP in Quebec
  • Studying at a Quebec private college-level school, which operates as public schools and receive at least 50% grants from the government
  • Study in Institutions capable of awarding degrees under provincial law
  • Own a valid study permit/ Canadian student Visa
  • Possess a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If you are a Pakistani citizen, you must know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

You must get a SIN from Service Canada in order to work in Canada.

With a view to applying for a SIN for working on campus, the study permit that you own should exhibit following conditions.

  • Can work 20 Hrs/per week on-campus, or full-time during regular breaks after meeting eligibility criteria as per R186(f), (w) or(v)
  • Those registered in full-time studies at campus of the institution may accept the employment in that Institute

Students applying for a Student vis from Pakistan are also eligible to seek these benefits.

In case, your Canadian student Visa lacks these conditions, you can request to add them if you meet the criteria.

How and Where you May Work

The word “On-campus” refers to the buildings on your school campus. If studying in a school having two or more campuses, you can work at any of these locations.

The “on-campus” employer may include:

  • A student organization
  • Faculty member
  • Private contractor serving the school
  • The school
  • A private business

Work Off-Campus

You may work off-campus without a work permit under following circumstances.

  • Possess a valid Canadian student Visa/study permit
  • Being a full-time student at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • Studying in a program which leads to a diploma degree or certificate (six months)
  • Possess a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If you know how to get study visa from Pakistan or any other country, try to get all the relevant information.

Those who have lost their status as a full-time student may also work off-campus if they fall under these conditions.

  • Studying as a part-time student since there is no need to attend the full course (studying last semester)
  • Remained full-time student after starting his/her program in Canada

If you are applying for a Student visa from Pakistan, you must get all the information regarding working in Canada while studying in a particular course or program.

It is imperative to know that you and your employer should ensure that you are eligible to work off-campus. Failing to do so may result in the cancellation of your Canadian student Visa.

The eligible students can work off-campus up to 20 hours per week under these cases.

  • If you are studying  in an intensive program which lacks scheduled breaks or during regular school sessions
  • While completing your last session and studying part-time
  • Graduate students after completing their required courses or degree

You may work full-time:

  • During spring break or winter and summer holidays
  • If applied for other work permits once you have finished your course

Work as an Intern or Co–Op Student

There are certain programs, which consider work experience as part of the curriculum. To avail this benefit, learn how to get study visa from Pakistan. You can apply for a work permit to work as an intern or co-op student if:

  • Possess a valid Canadian student Visa
  • Working is associated with the key part of your study program in Canada
  • Received a letter from the school, which suggests that all students in your program may get their degree after completing their work placements
  • The internship or co-op period is 50% or less than total course of study

Above-mentioned rules are applicable to the students applying for a Student visa from Pakistan.

Ineligibility to seek a co-op work permit if you are:

  • Learning French or English as a second language
  • Studying courses to seek admission in another study program
  • Doing general interest courses

Getting a Work Permit as Common-Law Partner or Spouse of a Student

You can assist your spouse or common law partner to get a work permit if you fulfill following conditions.

  • Possess a valid study permit/Canadian student Visa
  • A full-time student at a college or university, or CEGEP in Quebec
  • Studying at a Canadian private school capable of awarding degrees under provincial law
  • Student of a private college-level school in Quebec

Pakistani students, who want to study in Canada, should know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Ineligibility to Work Off-Campus

The cases under which even a full-time student at a DLI couldn’t work off-campus without a work permit are described as under.

  • Taking courses to prepare for another study program or general interest courses
  • Doing English or French language course
  • An exchange or visiting student who are not getting a degree from the Canadian host school
  • If the following statement is printed your Canadian student Visa “This permit does not permit the holder to engage in off-campus employment in Canada”

Students who have applied for a Student visa from Pakistan must keep these factors in their mind.

Stay and Work in Canada after Graduation

You can work in Canada after completing your graduation by applying for a work permit. Students graduated from designated learning institutions, who are willing to work and stay in Canada temporarily, may apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

Note: The work experience that you have gained may assist you in applying for the Canadian immigration.

Getting Canadian Immigration

Those who possess a valid Canadian student Visa and are planning to stay in Canada by seeking permanent residence after their graduation, they can avail this chance through various legitimate options. Each of these options has its own relevant requirements. If applying from Pakistan, you must have sufficient knowledge as of how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Express Entry

The international student after being graduated in Canada can apply for permanent residence if they fall under following categories.

  • Can contribute to the Canadian economy
  • Familiar with the Canadian lifestyle and society
  • Possess relevant work experience
  • knowledge of French or English

Express Entry manages different programs through which eligible candidates may get their chance to avail Canadian permanent residence.

New Zealand Study Visa

Why you should consider studying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a welcoming, safe and friendly destination for the students looking for opportunities and unique experiences. If you are thinking of applying for a Student visa from Pakistan, just read all this information carefully.

Amazing lifestyle

New Zealand offers you a relaxing and peaceful environment as well as its vibrant lifestyle allows enjoying all the perks of a developed country. Be a part of ongoing festivity by enjoying theatre, international sports fixtures, live music, dance, films, festivals or hang out at a bar, restaurant or cafe.

New Zealand towns and cities are small and least crowded, which makes it easy to commute in a fast and hassle free manner. Therefore, you will always stay close to parks, beaches, and recreational spots, no matter wherever you live. If you are wondering as of how to get study visa from Pakistan, carefully read the visa requirements.

Day-to-Day Life in New Zealand

The geographic size of the New Zealand is more or less similar to UK or Japan; however, being a least populated country (4.6 million people), this amazing part of the world gives you enough space to settle after obtaining a New Zealand student Visa and enjoy your life.

Let Your Child embrace the Experience of a Lifetime

New Zealand is offering your child an opportunity to study at the world-class institutions. The supportive and high-level education system of New Zealand gives your child the required knowledge of skills and experience for gaining success anywhere in the world.

Educational Quality and Standards

People striving to get New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan can obtain all the advantages of studying in this part of the world. The high-quality education system is ensured at all levels of the New Zealand government. It has a strong mechanism to deliver quality education at public and private institutes.

The education system is monitored by the New Zealand government agencies for maintaining the required level of quality in all fields of the education system. Excellent education and high-quality qualifications await you here at New Zealand. If you are Pakistani student, read the relevant information as of how to get study visa from Pakistan.

All these efforts ensure that the students holding a New Zealand student Visa must obtain relevant qualifications and learn the required skills.

The agencies, which are responsible for maintaining the quality of education are:

  • Universities New Zealand, ensuring that all the eight New Zealand universities offer quality education and qualifications
  • The Education Review Office monitors the student support and quality of education at all levels including primary and secondary schools
  • The Ministry of Education sets particular curriculum and education goals for the primary and secondary schools
  • The New Zealand Qualifications Authority analyzes the standard of qualifications, which are offered by the non-university tertiary institutions and secondary schools
  • The Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand ensures the maintenance of professional educational standards for the teachers of primary and secondary schools

Numerous Pakistani students are striving to get the New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan. Therefore, it is essential that they must go through all the information provided on this page.

Education System

Students holding New Zealand student Visa are supported to solve problems, process information, work with others, create and innovate. Whichever level you’re studying at, New Zealand can give you a high-quality education that will enable you to achieve your goals. Pakistani students who are planning to study abroad must know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Secondary School Education

There are three types of schools offering secondary education in New Zealand through New Zealand student Visa.

  • State-integrated schools, using specialist teaching methods or run by a religious faith
  • State schools, which provide secondary education to 85% of the Kiwi children
  • Private schools

These secondary schools are also known as colleges or high schools. They work under the ambit of National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Some of these secondary schools offer vocational subjects like computing and tourism.

Few schools in the New Zealand also offer International Baccalaureate program and Cambridge International Examinations.

Tertiary Education through New Zealand student Visa

New Zealand has16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs), 550 Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and 8 state-funded universities. It’s up to you to choose an institute that best suits career path.

  • ITPs and other PTEs provide vocational education of a degree-level
  • PTEs offer particular vocational programs mainly up to certificate and diploma level
  • The Universities provide higher degree-level education. The programs offered are generally academic other than vocational and are specifically research-based. All eight universities of New Zealand were in top 100 according to 2015/16 QS World University Rankings

Keep in mind how to get study visa from Pakistan if you are applying for New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan.

Vocational Training Institutes

There are more than 700 private training establishments in New Zealand, which provide some next level vocational training for the students. These technical institutes serve as a pathway for New Zealand student Visa holder to start your career in the following specialist industries.

  • Animation and Game Design
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Business and Technology
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Tourism

The specialized institutions offer highest standards of technical education and give you high-class training for a prospective career.


New Zealand proudly owns such universities, which are ranked among the top 3% best universities of the world.

  • You can easily access academic staff and industry partners due to smaller class sizes
  • Select among the wide range of qualifications and learn the skills that you require for working in the industry of your choice
  • QS World University Rankings has ranked almost all the New Zealand universities amongst the best universities in the world. These universities are also ranked among the world’s top 100 with reference to 39 subjects
  • The OECD 2013 Better Life Index awarded New Zealand as the top performing country. This is all due to the highest standards of its education system.

This is why; brilliant students should apply for the New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan. You can seek all these advantages by obtaining a New Zealand student Visa. So, try to get all the information as for how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Institutes of technology

The institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) operating in New Zealand are capable of giving you the qualifications, experience, and skills, which are in demand throughout the world.

Following are the reasons, why New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics are the best.

  • ITPs offer required level of training and qualifications, which focus over hands-on experience and practical skills
  • Over 157,000 students are obtaining qualifications in 16 ITPs throughout New Zealand. These ITPs are among the world class educators
  • Offer such teaching facilities that are identical to real life situations and workplaces

Choose Your Course of Studies and Plan Your Future

New Zealand’s unique and ideal education system offers a wide range of institutions and programs to select the most suitable one for you. So, apply for the New Zealand student Visa without any hesitation.

Benefits of Studying Engineering in New Zealand

The new hands-on teaching and practical style of New Zealand unfold your independent thinking and let you act critically and creatively during your study period. This is the reason why you should apply for a Student visa from Pakistan.

You can experience a high standard of engineering studies and grab a success for your future engineering career. This is possible due to small classes with a high teacher/student ratio and unparallel education standards. You will seek knowledge from the seasoned teachers who are masters of their subjects. What you need to do is find relevant information as of how to get study visa from Pakistan.


New Zealand: The Major Agricultural Country in the World

The basic reason for studying agriculture in New Zealand includes the learning of the in-demand skills, which assist the production of fiber, food, and fuel for the world. Moreover, studying latest trends in agricultural field will give us a chance to preserve the environment and harvest more crops. You can study agriculture by obtaining a valid New Zealand student Visa.

Benefits of studying agriculture in New Zealand

New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture field and is known as a hub of agribusiness innovation. Therefore, studying agriculture, viticulture, forestry, horticulture, and other relevant subjects in this country may turn out to be the wisest decision of your life.

Agriculture serves as the vital part of New Zealand’s economy. We have two agricultural universities, which are ranked among the top 100 agriculture and forestry universities around the globe. Students applying for Student visa from Pakistan can take benefit from the uncountable opportunities and obtain hands-on experience regarding research centers and farms. You must know how to applying for a New Zealand student Visa in order to get all these benefits.

Benefits of studying technology in New Zealand

Studying technology in New Zealand will help you to develop new ideas and find solutions to real-world problems. Each student can contribute to the next level of innovation. New Zealand is all set to prepare you for the future and allow you to be a part of the flourishing technology sector. This is possible due to state of the art teaching facilities, equipment, and globally-recognized degree programs. If you are Pakistani student, find how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Your study in the field of technology will enhance your learning abilities and technical knowledge for creating high-tech robots or designing the latest software system. You can develop your creative and analytical skills, which would make you capable of solving challenging problems. Make sure to apply for New Zealand student Visa and start studying in the world’s most prestigious institutes.

Invest in Your Future by Studying Business Management

You can start a successful business career by developing your skills and knowledge for making noticeable contributions to build a strong economy.

Benefits of Studying Business Management in New Zealand

It’s your turn to Kick-start your business career by studying business management in New Zealand. It will provide you with the practical skills and internationally-recognized qualifications to start your own or transform already established businesses. Pakistani Students can avail these advantages after applying for New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan.

While being a part of leading academics, you will get your critical thinking improved and develop new ideas. Not only this, you can also relate them to the business situations of real-life. What you have to do is just apply for the New Zealand student Visa.

Benefits of studying digital design in New Zealand

Learn digital design in New Zealand and start working with the world-leading experts for building an extraordinary career in gaming, animation and other emerging technologies. If applying from Pakistan, you must know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

While studying digital design in New Zealand, you can create your references by meeting with industry leaders. You can also get relevant experience and be a part of various design communities. This would allow you to display your work in world-class galleries, competitions and shows.

How to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand is just a few steps away from you and after you land on this part of the world, you can be sure of experiencing the incredible lifestyle and top-notch education system.

Plan Before You Apply

You have to plan your journey towards New Zealand for a legitimate entry and a successful study career. It is thereby essential to know each and everything including, student visa checklist, visas, scholarships, and agents. You must consider these factors while applying for New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan.


You must have all the information as how to apply for a New Zealand student Visa to study at a school, tertiary institution or English language school in New Zealand.

Find out Which Visa is Best for You

New Zealand offers a wide range of visas, which permit you to study at school, undergo training or take a course. For more information, students from Pakistan must know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Student Visa

If you are planning to study as a full-time student in New Zealand for a time exceeding three months, you must obtain a student visa.

You can also work up to 20 hours a week during the study session and full-time during the holidays. However, your ability to work as a student depends on your visa conditions.

Student Visa Requirements

You have to gain all the information regarding New Zealand student Visa requirements. After that, you can apply for a student visa through online submission of your application at the Immigration New Zealand website. The necessary documents that you must provide while filing your application are as under.

  • An offer of place usually granted by the approved educational institute
  • Proof of having sufficient funds to bear your educational expenses
  • Students under 18 must provide an accommodation guarantee
  • Passport and passport-style photos (also for those applying for Student visa from Pakistan)
  • Proof of sufficient funds ($15,000/year), to bear living expenses
  • You may also have to furnish a medical certificate including a chest x-ray
  • Police certificate
  • Proof of the visa application fee for New Zealand student Visa
  • A copy of return air ticket or a proof of enough money to buy the same

Visa Processing Period

Normally it takes 20-25 working days to process visitor, student or work visas; however, the estimated time may exceed due to submission of additional information. After getting this information, Know other essential factors associated with how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Work While Studying & After Graduation

The basic purpose of awarding a New Zealand student Visa is “study.” Nevertheless, you may work part-time if you are permitted to do so. In addition, you must be aware of the rules and regulations to work while studying in New Zealand.

If you are willing to stay and work in New Zealand after finishing your graduation, you must have a relevant visa for this purpose.

Part-Time Work (Tertiary Students)

You may work up to 20 hours/week while studying as a full-time student under following circumstances.

  • Studying at least 2 years
  • New Zealand qualification, which may help to gain points through the Skilled Migrant Category
  • Foundation program for a minimum period of 1 academic year at level 4 or higher.

These rules are also applicable to those applying for New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan

Full-Time Work (Tertiary Students)

You can work full-time during:

  • The New Year and Christmas holiday period, if your course worth is less than 120 credits and you’re studying full-time
  • Scheduled study breaks in case your course is worth more than 120 credits and you are studying full-time for at least 1 academic year

If applying from Pakistan, you must have sufficient knowledge as of how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Masters and Ph.D. by Research Students

Those who are enrolled in a doctoral degree program or Masters by research, awarded by a New Zealand tertiary institution may work without any restriction of hours.

Part-Time Work (English Language Students)

If you have a valid New Zealand student Visa and your course meets particular conditions, it is possible to work for up to 20 hours/week.

Courses 6 Months and Longer

You may be allowed to work part-time if all of these conditions do apply.

  • Program of study is that of 6 months or longer
  • It is believed that the basic purpose of study is to gain proficiency in English
  • Studying full-time
  • Possessing an International English Language Testing System Certificate
  • With overall band score of 5.0
  • Not more than 2 years old
  • Need to provide this certificate while filing your application

Courses 14 Weeks and Longer

You may be allowed to work part-time if all of these conditions do apply.

  • Studying full-time
  • Program of study covers at least 14 consecutive weeks
  • Studying the English language
  • Studying in a university or a high-quality educational Institute
  • Must hold a valid New Zealand student Visa

If applying for New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan, you should have all the knowledge regarding these rules.

Shorter Courses

After assessing your eligibility for the work rights, the English language study done by a student on previous Student Visas is perused. Your previous English language study of 14 weeks can be counted if:

  • You are studying at the same Institute
  • The new study is in continuation with your previous study

Before you apply for a student visa under this category, make sure whether you know how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Secondary School Students

The students who are in year 12 or 13, the previous 2 years of secondary school, you may work up to 20 hours/week during study course and may work full-time during New Year and Christmas holidays.

  • A written permission is not required for the students over 18
  • For students under 18, they must have written permission to work from their parent’s school or legal guardian
  • Must hold a valid New Zealand student Visa

Gaining Practical Experience

You’re allowed to work, to meet a requirement of practical experience for your program of study in New Zealand if practical experience is a course requirement.

Gaining Work Experience

You can seek following study to work pathways.

  • Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)
  • Post Study Work Visa (Open)

Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)

The Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted) gives you a chance to stay in New Zealand and work for a particular employer. After obtaining a New Zealand Student visa from Pakistan, you can get this type of work permit. You may avail this offer for further two years. However, your job must be related to your qualification.

  • In order to obtain this visa, you should possess a Post Study Work Visa. If not, you should apply for the same not more than 3 months after expiry of a valid New Zealand student Visa. The relaxation period may extend to 6 months in case of a Doctoral Degree.

If you are a Pakistani student, the essential thing to consider while applying for a student visa is how to get study visa from Pakistan.

Post Study Work Visa (Open)

The Post Study Work Visa (Open) is necessary for you to seek a job, which is relevant to your qualification. The validity period of this visa is 12 months. Moreover, during this period you may work for any of the employers in New Zealand.

The student must have studied under a valid New Zealand student Visa. Once you have got a relevant job with reference to your qualification, it is possible for you to apply for a Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted).

Staying Permanently

After obtaining a Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted), you can apply for a New Zealand resident visa through Skilled Migrant Category. This particular visa category uses a points system, which is based on the following factors.

  • Work experience
  • Your qualifications
  • Offer of skilled employment

Pakistani students applying for a Student visa from Pakistan may also seek a permanent resident visa.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.